Labiosa Endorses Delegate Nick Freitas for U.S. Senate

“Corrupt Kaine,” as President Trump dubbed him, is once again running for reelection and on June 12th you will have an opportunity to select his Republican opponent for the general election. In my opinion, the choice couldn’t be more clear – Delegate Nick Freitas is best suited for the challenge.

Following the tragic attacks on 9/11, Freitas volunteered to serve two combat tours as a Green Beret in the Middle East. After Nick’s service as a Green Beret, he became Director of Operations for a service-disabled, veteran-owned defense contractor. Freitas is currently serving his second term as a Virginia House of Delegates member, where he holds a 100% rating from the NRA and VCDL.

Freitas will stand with the immigration policies of President Trump, and understands the importance of a secured border. He is 100% pro life and will not waver in his commitment to fight legislation which would reduce restrictions on unsafe abortion clinics.

Trust this: Freitas is the only candidate with a conservative record in the race.

On June 12th, send in the Green Berets against “Corrupt Kaine” – Vote Delegate Nick Freitas!