Labiosa Announces Reelection Campaign
January 3rd, 2018

New Castle – As a resident of Craig County and a graduate of Craig County High School I take pride in the seat of our county. From the axe marks on the stair rail of the Courthouse, to the century-old buildings which still stand on Main St, our small town is busting at the brim with rich and exciting history. For the majority of my life, the history of New Castle seemed brighter than its future. I have decided to run for reelection to the New Castle Town Council so that we can continue our work of making New Castle a better place to live.

Much has been accomplished since being first elected in 2014. New Castle has become a friendlier place for business, we’ve invested in beautification and infrastructure improvements, we’ve been engaged in efforts to increase tourism.

Though we’ve made great strides, much must still be done in New Castle over the next few years. Businesses in New Castle remain unfairly taxed with little return, the Merchants Capital tax should be eliminated. The mandatory Town Vehicle Decal is archaic and will be impossible to enforce as the county eliminates it’s decal – we should immediately do the same. Resources should continue to be invested where they have the most positive impact on our community. I will continue to support improvements to our park, landscaping/gardening throughout the town, the maintenance of existing infrastructure, and the creation of new town facilities which can be utilized by the public at large.

In the coming months I will be announcing a large project relating to the historic restoration of Main Street. Public support will be needed for this project, so please stay tuned!

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