Labiosa Votes to Purchase Safety Cages for County Deputies
March 20, 2017

“We were honored to purchase much needed cages for their vehicles, and hope that they’ll protect officers from harm when transporting individuals with the potential for violence.” C. Jordan Labiosa

Reporting from the New Castle Record:

“The cages will provide for the safety of the deputies when they are transporting prisoners. “These cages only take up one seating area and still allow for the use of one of the rear seats,” Craddock explained. “They are also designed to prevent equipment from coming forward from the very rear area of the vehicle.”

Craddock said that the staff at the Sheriff’s Office has been very thankful for the cages because it added another barrier of safety for them while they perform their jobs. “I would like to again, on behalf of myself and the staff, thank the New Castle Town Council for providing the cages for the Craig County Sheriff’s Office.” Craddock added.

Labiosa shared the thoughts from the Council, “These officers deserve our best, and this was money very well spent.””